[Get Answer] What did you find in the literature that you were not previously aware?

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This paper must be in the APA (American Psychological Association) format. This includes a title page, abstract, in-text citations in the body of the paper, running head, pages numbered, and a separate reference page at the end of your paper. This is an excellent resource for those not familiar with this style.

Research Paper
This research paper is more than just an overview or information regarding your present or future job, career field, or tasks and duties. You will be researching and critically reviewing a specific aspect, challenge, current event, prevailing trend or issue, or broad future concerns regarding the field. As a professional in your field or career it is important that you remain abreast of trends, current issues and research, outlook, and best practices.

• Choose one subject/topic that is of interest to you and pertains to your place of employment, professional experience, career field, or career aspiration. You will locate peer-reviewed articles from refereed journals of your profession or career interest; or, a scholarly reviewed publications pertaining to research in the field. Select at least four – five (4-5) articles that are most relevant to your topic and/or specific interest area. Articles should be timely-published within the last 10 years. You should already have located two of these articles during your previous assignment. How to Recognize Peer Reviewed Articles
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqKH3d5tV3U&list=PLzIDEiUWT8jkUkEnB3Bfk_kMRuX PAS5N6&index=9
• Briefly summarize findings of articles. How is the literature reviewing or approaching your topic? Are the authors reporting similar information? Where is their agreement and disagreement? Are they balancing their information or does information appear biased or slanted? What are the current trends and challenges? Are there positive or negative aspects to the articles? What are the criticisms or support of the issues? How does this affect the outlook for the profession or the field? This is not a narrative report-it should be a summary of the articles, so your opinions, experiences, and input are not appropriate in this area of the paper. This is researched information by scholars, experts, scientists, and thinkers in your field. This first portion of your paper should be approximately half of the paper (3-4 pages). Focus on the important information which impact the field in a broad sense.
• The second part of your paper should take a critical look at how the information in the existing research (the articles you reviewed) affects you in your current or future career, or within the field over all. The literature that you find may lead you to take certain actions or to change certain behaviors. It may convince you that you need to conduct additional research in that area. What did you find in the literature that you were not previously aware? How do you need to prepare yourself? How do your personal or past experiences aligned with what you’ve researched, reviewed, and read?

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