[Get Answer] Identify and analyze three leaders in the media

Your portfolio assignment is as follows:

Overview: Change is difficult for some individuals to accept. Many providers and staff members of healthcare facilities are resisting the implementation of electronic healthcare record(EHR) systems. This assignment will prepare students to address the resistance to EHR that can exist in health care.

Instructions: Assume that you are the HIM director at Sunny Valley Health Care. Sunny Valley Health Care is comprised of two acute care facilities, one long-term care facility, and 15 clinics that are within a 60-mile radius. It has been determined that the organization will be implementing an EHR system that will be used in all levels of care. Administration has determined that there is staff resistance to the implementation of the EHR system. You have been asked by the CEO to present a PowerPoint presentation on the benefits of implementing the system.

1. Research the benefits of EHR systems.

2. Prepare a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation on the benefits of EHR systems.


Discuss how to address resistance to EHR

Identify the benefits of EHR

Use the following phases for the headings for each leader – 3 media leaders
1. Identify and analyze three leaders in the media
a. Transformational leader or Servant Leader
b. Entrepreneurial
c. Transactional Leader
2. how they have experienced change within their organizations.
3. How each leader implemented organizational change
4. assign a leadership theory to each of the three leaders.
5. Research each leadership theory and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each theory.
6. analyze how the theoretical concepts can impact organizations
7. How do their actions align with the leadership theory
8. which leader implemented organizational change to best maximize
organizational success
a supported your position with outside research
b. give 2 specific examples.

10 pages – 8 – references

Specifications for paper:

Based on the M5 Goals, Objectives, and Assessments Paper, create a comprehensive rubric for one of the assessments described. Post the rubric for peer review by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. Include two to three pages of introductory information to provide context (goal, objectives, assessment) for your peers who will be reviewing your work. You may use an online rubric creator (e.g., Rubistar) to make sure your rubric is well-organized and has a professional appearance.

References to use:

Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence. (2012). Using rubrics. Retrieved from  learning/l

Suskie, L. (2009). Assessing student learning: A common sense guide (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: John
Wiley & Sons.
(Read chapter 9, 10, 11)

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