[Get Answer] Identify and address the 10 domains.

With regards to question 2 in the essay and the MSE please read the following to best answer that question.

As you know the MSE can only be done when a ‘real’ person is in front of you, and the case study only provides you with very limited information.

For us to best gauge your knowledge and level of understanding of the MSE, you will need to show us the following when answering that question.

Identify and address the 10 domains.
How you as a clinician would;
-assess the person (in that domain)

-what would you be looking for, or at (under that domain)

-what might you be asking the patient (under that domain)

It is also suggested you provide a brief description of the domain that clearly shows your understanding– for example

Appearance: the state, condition, manner, or style in which a person or object appears / looks. This may include demographics such as age, gender, height, hair colour tattoos and clothing at the time of the assessment.

Any information (all but small) from the case study can go in to the MSE. For example each case study has an age and gender. For example -Edward has schizophrenia it states he has command hallucinations – that will go in a specific domain.

As you know there will be many varying and individual ‘possible ‘presentations – in some of the domains, and everyone no matter what their diagnosis will present differently. Which is why with the MSE we (as clinicians) also undertake a holistic person –centred care approach.

With each of the case study diagnoses, review the signs and symptoms of the disorder (when someone presents unwell)– this might give you an indication of how they might present. Someone who is chronically depressed may be withdrawn, someone with psychosis has that ‘break from reality’ how might they present? And an acutely unwell person with BPD who may / may not be withdrawing from drugs or alcohol (if very unwell) may be more elevated / agitated than flat.

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