[Get Answer] Discuss the theories of learning that underpin the Conversational Framework.

ssessment title: Conversational Model of Learning in Program Development Alignment with learning outcome(s):

discuss the theoretical underpinnings related to developing an education program;
explore principles used in designing program content;
explain the principles of planning cost effective education programs;
Details of task:

Teaching and learning frameworks provide a structure on which to develop and implement a curriculum. The framework used must align with the learning theories on which the curriculum is based. The Conversational Framework provides a structured approach to curriculum development and implementation that is underpinned by the teaching and learning theories that support active learning in professional education programs.

In this assignment you need to: (important)

Discuss the theories of learning that underpin the Conversational Framework.
Explain the principles on which the Conversational Framework is based and how these can be used to guide program development for in-service nursing education.
Apply these principles to the curriculum development process for the education program you are developing
Justify the use of a Conversational Framework related to your learner cohort characteristics, clinical learning environment, mode of course offering and education program.


Marking criteria


● Shows organisation and coherence.

● Fluent writing style appropriate to assignment.

● Grammar and spelling accurate.

● Including 2 different types of imbedded examples of multimedia teaching learning activities


● Defines the scope and context of the paper.

● Outlines key features to be addressed in the body

● Introduction to the Conversational Framework in program development

● Identification of the characteristics that define the learner group


● Comprehensive/detailed knowledge of topic including links with learning theories and the principles related to the Conversational Framework.

● Follows up on points raised in introduction

Outlines the process used to identify the characteristics of the learner group

● Provides a convincing justification for use of the Conversational Framework in nursing in-service education programs.

● Two examples of multimedia teaching learning activities to be used


● Analytical and clear conclusion grounded in literature but stated in own words.

● Introduces no new ideas.

Use of Literature:
Has developed and justified ideas based on a wide range of sources which have been thoroughly analysed, applied and discussed.

● In-text citation Citing in-text is consistently accurate

● Reference list APA referencing style

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