[Get Answer] .Determine the strengths and weakness of these programs.

Before beginning any health education program, an assessment must be completed to determine not only the major health concern and the target population, but also the specific needs of the target population. Health literacy, cultural factors, and disabilities may impact the ability of the individuals within a target population to access and/or learn the health information provided. Your assignment for this week must contain each of the following sections:

I.Review the five steps of health education needs assessment in the article, “A Health Needs Assessment (HNA) Guide by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).” (pages 20-49). Also, review phases 1 and 2 (describe and analyze the problem) of the CDCynergy Guide.
II.Using the health challenge you selected in last week’s assignment, assess the health needs of your hometown or local area. For example, if you selected cardiovascular disease as the health concern to develop a program plan for, then you will assess the health education needs of your local area regarding cardiovascular disease.
III.Determine and discuss the target population and the health education needs of this population. Justify the health concern and target population selections using epidemiological data. Provide a minimum of two scholarly references, and if available, links to the data.
IV.Examine other needs that will help shape the design of your program, such as the education level, socioeconomic status, gender, age, ethnic/racial background, access to health care, volunteers, stakeholder roles, etc. Avoid stereotyping and assess all needs using data from reliable and credible sources.
V.Examine the current health education programs available to this population regarding this particular health concern.

A.Describe the current health education program.
B.Determine the strengths and weakness of these programs.
C.Evaluate the gaps of the current health education programs in addressing this particular health concern and target population. What further assistance needs to be provided in terms of health education?

VI.Summarize your findings.
VII.Predict how you would use this assessment information in a health education program.

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